MARDOT of Atlanta, Georgia - Outstanding West Highland White and Norwich Terriers.  Established in 1968.
Outstanding West Highland White and Norwich Terriers

Established in 1968

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Marleen and Chance


Thank you for your interest in our dogs. We are very proud of them in the ring, and so pleased to bring so much love to families across the country who have taken one of our puppies into their home.

We have been breeding, training, conditioning and showing dogs for over 30 years. American Kennel Club championships, obedience titles and hunting titles have been won by many of the dogs that we have bred. You might also see one of our babies in a commercial advertisement, visiting in a hospital, school, or senior center, or on a nice relaxing walk.

Our winning success is a true accomplishment since we don’t breed a lot of dogs and most of them go into pet homes where they sit on couches, watch TV, and get wheeled in doll carriages – never seeing the inside of a show ring.


We also groom a variety of dogs for others (making terriers look like they are supposed to look as well as other breeds); board terriers and other small dogs; help owners train their dogs or learn to groom their pet themselves. Let us know if we can help you.

I do consulting from my home so the best time to reach me is from about 9:00 am to 7:00 pm. I usually answer if I am home. Of course, you can always catch me at a dog show. Call 404.256.9393.

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