MARDOT of Atlanta, Georgia - Outstanding West Highland White and Norwich Terriers.  Established in 1968.
Outstanding West Highland White and Norwich Terriers

Established in 1968


Norwich Terriers

The Norwich and Norfolk terrier are the smallest of the Terrier Group, and the Norwich is the newest addition to our family (about six years). So you know the difference between the two breeds: the Norwich has ears that stand up, and the Norfolk’s are folded.

These little dogs are sweet and devoted. They love to be with people and stay close. These small terriers were bred for ladies to have a small terrier that they could carry in their arms, but still have a feisty terrier. They come in three colors: red, saddle, and grizzle and weigh about 10 pounds.

There are very few dogs of this breed in the US since they have small litters, but they are a joy to be around.














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